New Mother Gifts

Written by Amy Hall
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New mother gifts can help the expectant mom-to-be really feel more energized and ready to tackle the day. If you have ever been pregnant or you are close to someone who is expecting, it is easy to see how hormones, extra belly weight, and fatigue can really make it challenging to handle day-to-day tasks. Spa body products are the perfect solution to the many mental and physical ailments that strike during the nine months of pregnancy.

If you want to surprise your expectant wife with new mother gifts that will help soothe her anxieties and physical discomforts, you can choose from a host of natural skin care products that can help her de-stress. For instance, belly oil mist containing cocoa butter, hazelnut oil, wheat germ oil, as well as orange and tangerine essential oils, can help prevent stretch marks and boost her mood with these uplifting scents. It is a proven fact that orange and tangerine essential oils have cheering effects, which may be just what she needs during the last months of pregnancy.

Other great new mother gifts include hormone balancing candles that contain lavender, orange, and patchouli, known for their calming properties. Hormones tend to run haywire during pregnancy, and this can cause mood swings that make it difficult for the expectant mother to react normally to the daily stresses of life. Aromatherapy candles that soothe and calm with their enticing scents are always a good gift idea for the mother-to-be.

Thoughtful New Mother Gifts

You can try to think about the challenges the expectant woman in your life will experience after the baby is born. Most moms feel short on personal time, and they are so sleep deprived that they often want nothing more than a few quiet moments in peace. A nice gift basket filled with aromatherapy bath and body products could provide the new mom with the perfect escape, which requires little more than a bathtub and some warm water to enjoy.

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