Pet Heating Pads

Written by Amy Hall
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Pet heating pads can provide your dog or cat with soothing comfort that will lure him to sleep. Heating pads also help animals with certain ailments, such as hip displacement or arthritis that are common afflictions in older dogs and cats. You can purchase pet heating pads, along with pet beds and aromatherapy gifts online, through retailers that specialize in natural bed, bath, and body products.

Keep in mind that pet heating pads cannot be washed, either by hand or in the washing machine. If you wash the heating pad, it will not work properly anymore or at all. Pet beds come with fillers that are typically made out of jasmine rice and herbal blends, such as lavender, chamomile, and rose to help with sleep. The fillers can be washed to purge any odors that are a direct result of an accident or just normal dog smell.

The outing covering of the filler is generally made out of 100 percent cotton, which can also be washed as needed. It is important that you make sure fillers and the outer coverings are made out of materials that are hypoallergenic, so as not to cause you dog or cat any discomfort or irritation. When you place your order, there should be a thorough description of all the materials used in the pet bed.

Warm and Toasty Pet Heating Pads

Many animal owners who live in cold climates buy heating pads for their pets' beds to keep them warm and toasty during the winter months. Your pets will surely appreciate the gesture because even with their fur they can get very cold. Pet beds and heating pads are the perfect combination to really spoil your beloved pet.

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