Tart Warmer

Written by Amy Hall
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Tart warmers come in two varieties: electric or non-electric. The non-electric candle warmer uses a tea light candle to warm the tart wax and infuse a pleasant scent into the air. An electric tart warmer uses a light bulb to warm the tart wax candle, which also emits a soothing fragrance into the surrounding area.

The type of tart warmer you use depends entirely on your own preference. Some people prefer the electric warmer because they never have to worry about replacing tea lights, nor do they have to worry about fire hazards with an electric warmer. Others, however, prefer the soothing light fragrance that comes with using tea lights. In addition, the flickering light from a tea light candle can also add some soothing stress relief to any room.

Tart Warmers for Your Home

Aromatherapy candles and products are a multi-million dollar a year business. People are finding out just how soothing it can be to burn a scented candle or pour some bath confetti into some warm water for a true spa experience. It does not have to cost a great deal of money to find ways to pamper yourself using aromatherapy products. Simply warming some scented tart wax in your bathroom while you soak in lavender scented water could be enough to bring some peace and quiet into your life.

There are many different designs in terms of tart warmers, so you can choose a product that fits in well with your existing decor. Whether you choose an electric tart warmer or a warmer that uses the power of a tea light, you have a host of design options from which to choose. There are ceramic warmers, metal warmers, glass warmers, and more. Most tart warmers are relatively inexpensive, so you may decide to purchase a few for the various rooms in your home.

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