Adolfo Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Adolfo wigs are manufactured by TressAllure, one of the world's leading makers and distributors of women's alternative hair. Adolfo wigs are just one of several lines available from TressAllure, which also includes Revlon and Headz Up, among others. Since 1963, when the company was known as General Wig Manufacturers, TressAllure has provided retailers, wholesalers, and outlets with their hairpieces.

TressAllure offers more than just wigs, however. Accessories, add-ons, extensions, and Ready-to-Wear Hair are just as popular among women looking to supplement, replace, or just dress up. Such diversity in the company's product line has given TressAllure a reputation as a trendsetter in its field.

A Whole Line of Adolfo Wigs

Adolfo wigs come in more than 30 different cuts, shapes, materials, and colors, so there's no reason you shouldn't find one that's perfect for you. The Wall Street offers a medium-length bob that's styled for a professional look. Or try the Image, which features a short, pixie-style cut that's both modern and natural.

From the High Society and Lady Charm to the Opera and Accolade, there are styles that are casual, business-like, or dressy. It all depends on what the occasion calls for. And, of course, any wig can be styled or tweaked to better fit that occasion if need be.

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