African American Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Just as there are barber shops and salons that specialize in African American hair, so too are there manufacturers who deal mainly in African American wigs. In our ever-increasing politically correct society there are greater and greater dangers associated with exclusiveness. Just a few years back, a salon in Hollywood came under intense media scrutiny after a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Caucasian customer who claimed the shop was discriminatory because a stylist (truthfully) claimed she didn't cut "white hair."

If you think about it for more than two seconds, this stylist was right on. Why should she pretend to have any skill that's not really a part of her arsenal? Doing so would have most likely resulted in a much angrier customer who didn't get the haircut she felt she deserved!

Finding African American Wigs

By the same token, why should an African American customer (or anyone, for that matter) be forced to choose from a list of potentially ruinous options? The answer is they shouldn't, which is why there's a market for African American wigs. Manufacturers such as Motown Tress, Beverly Johnson Wigs, and Zury are but a handful of the uniquely African American designers out there.

Each of these makers provides a comprehensive list of options ranging from the Accent, with its short wedge design, to the Bad Girl, with its shoulder-length curls. There are tresses that stick straight up, splay to the side, and fall naturally down the back between the shoulder blades. Given so many choices, there's no excuse for claiming that there are no good options out there for you.

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