Angel Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Everybody loves angel costumes, with their flowing white robes and fluffy wings. They're easy costumes to put together, and can be recycled in later years as princess, fairy or goddess costumes. And who can resist looking angelic?

Angel costumes can be quite simple or very elaborate. If you want to go the simple route, you can even forego the halo, but an angel must have wings. The wings can be cut out of cardboard and covered with white tissue paper, or you can bend wire into shape and glue a white boa to it. Gossamer wings are fairly inexpensive, and there are even some feather wings that are within a reasonable budget.

A halo, too, can be simply done. Many ready-made angel costumes come with a halo headpiece, but in a pinch, you can use a simple wreath of white boa or Christmas tinsel. Or you can wear a wreath of flowers and call yourself a garden angel.

Angel Costumes Have Many Variations

For children, angel costumes are fairly standardized, but for adults, they can be adapted to your own imagination. Black angels are fairly common, and sets of black feather wings are easy to find. Naughty angels are also widely admired, with short skirts and garters. You could add accessories that relate to your hobbies and interests, and be a golf angel, for instance. Or you could add ears, a tail and some face paint and be a cat angel. Angel costumes are wonderful standbys, but with a little individuality, they can be remembered for years.

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