Aspen Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Aspen wigs provide both men and women with quality handmade hairpieces that look and feel natural. This is principally because Aspen relies on natural human hair in crafting its hairpieces. The major reason folks tend to shy away from wigs is the fear of wearing an egregiously bad weave--after all, nobody wants to be instantly pegged as a fake.

With Aspen wigs it's nearly impossible to spot impostors. Their human hair wigs come in a variety of styles from standard to skin top to microfilament top. As you might expect, a skin top wig uses a piece of latex or polyurethane at the top of the piece. From that grows natural hair that's been inserted into the wig for an organic, authentic look.

Other Options for Aspen Wigs

As mentioned, Aspen wigs also come in microfilament (or mono) tops. Here the hair is hand-knotted into a nylon or silk mesh barrier, then allowed to fall naturally as real hair would. As a result, mono tops tend to be easier to style. Those in the advanced stages of hair loss typically find the mono top more convincing since the scalp can be seen through the hair and is designed to look like the wearer's actual skin.

Many Aspen wigs such as the Hillary and Michelle retail for over a thousand dollars. Were you to buy them in stores, this is the price you'd expect to pay. Online, however, it's possible to find these same styles at greatly reduced prices--sometimes for as much as half off, if you'll pardon the pun.

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