Barbie Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are almost as many Barbie costumes for little girls as there are outfits for the vinyl goddess herself. Prom Queen Barbie, Cheerleader Barbie, Jitterbug Barbie and Ballerina Barbie are only the beginning. You've never seen so much pink in one place before!

Barbie Costumes Fulfill Little Girls' Fantasies

Most of the Barbie costumes are awash with glitter and glamour. Crystal Barbie wears a hot-pink sequined gown with marabou feathers at the bottom. Swan Lake Barbie is pastel pink, all gauzy chiffon and ribbon bows. And Fairy Barbie's outfit is pink satin with a chiffon overlay studded with silver stars. She comes with crystal-strewn wings.

Sailor Barbie, Cheerleader Barbie and 50s Girl Barbie are simpler costumes, and less likely to require the long blonde curly Barbie wig. There's also a Cowgirl Barbie and a Sorceress Barbie. That's the only witch I've ever seen wearing pink! Unfortunately, Barbie's various careers as astronaut, Olympic athlete, surgeon and Senator are not represented.

Alas, there are no official Barbie costumes for grownups. However, it shouldn't be difficult to create your own. Malibu Barbie, for instance, needs a bikini, beach jacket, sunglasses, thongs and fake tan. Don't forget the blonde wig or spray-on hair color. Prom queen, ballerina and poodle-skirt costumes for woman abound. To make them into Barbie costume, just be sure they're pink, and accessorize them with a hot sports car.

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