Batman Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Batman costumes are widely available for children and adults alike. The Dark Knight was created in 1939, and has been in publication ever since, one of only three characters to have such an unbroken record. (The other two are Superman and Wonder Woman.)

One website alone has over 300 different Batman costumes, ranging from bat buntings to XXL adult sizes, and up to $540, though most are reasonably priced. Since few can fill out a Batman suit properly, do what they did in the movies: get one with built-in chest muscles and six-pack abs. And holy Halloween, don't forget the utility belt!

Sidekicks and Villains for Batman Costumes

Robin, of course, is the ultimate sidekick, and there are many Robin costumes to choose from, mostly in children's or women's sizes. Batgirl is represented as well, for both girls and women. But especially for distaff Batfans, the villains are much more interesting.

Catwoman has always been a huge favorite, for obvious reasons. And this year, after the Halle Berry movie, expect to see her purring all over town, so if you intend to go feline, get your costume early. Poison Ivy is also a great outfit for women and girls, as is Raven. Mr. Freeze, the Penguin and the Joker are classic villains. You're better off buying a Mr. Freeze costume, but a thrift-store tuxedo, some padding and a monocle will create the Penguin, and all the Joker needs is a hat and some good makeup. Whether sidekick, villain, or the Dark Knight himself, you can rest assured that your Batman costumes will never go out of style.

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