Beverly Johnson Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Beverly Johnson wigs are some of the best-known hairpieces designed for African American women. As discussed earlier, African American wigs call for their own unique styling. This should not be deemed politically incorrect or culturally insensitive; if anything, candor about culturally stylistic differences benefits everyone--the wig-maker, the vendor, and the wearer.

The Beverly Johnson line offers durable, machine-made construction in a whole host of styles. There are wigs with bangs and shoulder-falls for a "framed" look. Or you may want to try a fashionable bob with a "sweep," as brushed bangs are often called. Go for the "Cleopatra" look, S-curls, or any other of a number of styling choices.

Project Confidence with Beverly Johnson Wigs

The old fashion adage states that it's okay to wear anything, provided you wear it with confidence. When you have a sturdy, natural, and reliable hairpiece, it's far easier to project that needed confidence than if you're perpetually worried about your weave. That's why it's often a poor idea to cut corners when shopping for a hairpiece. It's one thing to save a few bucks on lunch; it's another to scrimp on your own head of hair.

Beverly Johnson wigs let you tackle the boardroom, the fashion runway, the gym, or any other venue head on. Gone are the nagging doubts and lingering fears that someone will discover your "dirty secret." And with more than 50 different pieces to choose from, finding a perfect fit is much easier than you might imagine.

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