Catwoman Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Catwoman costumes are going to be HUGE this year! Catwoman has always been a very popular character, but with the new Halle Berry movie, you can expect to see kiddie cats and sexy kittens on every corner. Little girls love it, and so do their moms.

Two Versions of Catwoman Costumes

There are two basic styles of Catwoman costumes: the Michelle Pfeiffer version and the Halle Berry version. Michelle's Catwoman wore a full black vinyl jumpsuit, very slick and glossy. Only her eyes and the lower half of her face showed. Halle Berry's Catwoman shows a whole lot more skin, since the top half of her outfit is basically a bra and some straps.

Of course, all you really need is a black leotard and a Catwoman mask or headpiece. Oh, and a whip, of course! For girls and women who want to do the Halle Berry look but don't want to show a lot of skin, try a black bra over a flesh-colored leotard. Then wrap wide black ribbons around in a criss-cross pattern to simulate the leather straps. Black tights gloves and spiky boots will complete the look.

Or you can go for Michelle's slick and shiny (and in my opinion, ultimately more powerful) look, but unless you already own a vinyl catsuit, you're going to have to purchase this one. Catwoman costumes are widely available on the Internet, but be sure to order yours early. And remember, whichever look you choose, the proper feline attitude is the best accessory.

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