Cheerleader Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cheerleader costumes bring out the rah-rah spirit in any little girl, or grown woman. Little girls can look forward to being teenagers, and women can look back at the same period. And neither one has to go through the tears and the hormones!

Authentic-Looking Cheerleader Costumes

You can add pompoms and a megaphone to any short skirt and call it a cheerleader costume, but why not be as authentic as possible? A miniskirt does not a cheerleader's skirt make. For cheerleader costumes, the skirts must be A-line or pleated. And the best pleated skirts have contrasting colors in the pleats.

For football season, cheerleader costumes should have heavy sweaters, preferably with a varsity letter sewn on. Basketball cheerleaders wear lighter-weight tops, often even midriff tops, and flared skirts. Don't forget the white sneakers and socks.

A variation on the cheerleader costume is the drum majorette. The skirt is still short, but the top is a military-style jacket, and the more braids and trim the better. Add white boots, a shako hat and a baton, and you're ready to lead the parade. These are adorable costumes for girls, and the stuff of fantasies for adults. Women like to wear them, and men like to see them worn. Besides, if you wear one, you might be able to coax your costume-averse man into a football uniform to match.

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