Clown Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are several good reasons why clown costumes are by far one of the most popular costumes for Halloween, for children and adults alike. For one thing, there is a huge range of styles to choose from. You could spend a fortune on a classical Punchinello pantaloon outfit, or do Emmett Kelly with a baggy suit and a red nose.

Clown Costumes Come in All Sizes and Styles

Every professional clown develops his or her own unique costume and makeup, which are guarded as jealously as industrial secrets or product trademarks. There are several broad categories of clown costumes. The classic circus clown wears a puffy jumpsuit in bright colors, often a different fabric for each side. This type of clown might accessorize with a tiny parasol, cone hat, or a brightly colored afro-style wig. Classic whiteface with a huge painted smile completes the look.

A second type is the sad sack clown, who wears a raggedy oversized suit, and a beat-up fedora. This clown may eschew whiteface altogether in favor of cork whiskers and a woebegone expression. Accessories include huge shoes, a cigar butt, and a top hat with the lid sprung. Classical clowns include jesters, mimes, marionette styles and elegant Renaissance outfits, often pure white with red pompoms down the center.

Don't forget the alternative clown costumes, either. Maniacal killer clowns are popular with adults and older children. And you'd be amazed at how charming and sexy a short-skirted female clown can be.

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