Costume Wigs

Written by Sarah Provost
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Costume wigs are often what make the difference between run-of-the-mill costumes and really fantastic outfits. Wigs used to be prohibitively expensive, but today there are many affordable wigs and headpieces. Online shopping is likely to offer both the best selection and the best prices.

What's Raggedy Ann without a red Afro? A mermaid in a pixie cut just doesn't quite make it. Clowns need their frizz, Indian princesses need long braids, flappers need their bobs. And you can't do Elvira, Bride of Frankenstein or Cruella de Ville without the appropriate costume wigs. Glitter wigs add glamour to almost any costume.

Costume Wigs for Men

Men, too, sometimes need wigs to complete a look. Captain Hook isn't convincing with a blond crew cut, nor can you be a Cavalier without long flowing locks. Old-man wigs and bald caps are good sellers, as are dreadlocks and Mohawks. Don't forget Elvis wigs, often made of rigid plastic, and the many fright wigs that add that final fillip to ultra gore.

You can make the simpler costume wigs yourself if you're at all handy. It's easiest if the hair is attached to a hat, so you don't have to sew it strand by strand. Long braids, for instance, are easily made of yarn and can be attached to a headband for a hippie or a horned helmet for a Valkyrie. And a sailor hat with red yarn sewn around it can be trimmed into the Dutch-boy cut for good old Raggedy Andy.

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