Devil Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Devil costumes are absolute classics for Halloween, right up there with skeleton suits and sheet ghosts. But you'd be amazed at what a wide variety of devil costumes are available. There are buntings with horns for the littlest devils, and red vinyl mini-skirts for grown-up babes, not to mention some interesting variations on the Underwood man.

Pitchforks, horns, a red leotard or dress and a pointed tail are the basics, or course. There are adorable ruffled red dresses for little girls, truly frightening demonic costumes for men, sexy devils for women, and even several styles of devil costumes for dogs. Or you could use your imagination and be any kind of devil you want to be.

Dare to Be Different in Devil Costumes

How about wearing a tunic made of newsprint and going as a printer's devil? You could dress in white and yellow, with horns, and be a devilled egg. Or you could dress all in gray and carry a feather duster to be a Dust Devil. But I digress.

Let's face it, when we think of devil costumes, it's usually the sexy ones that come to mind. A short red dress, maybe with streaming tatters to suggest flames, is all you really need, with the aforementioned horns and pitchfork. But consider adding fishnet stockings, a little red capelet, or thigh-high red boots. And if anyone complains when the charge card bills come in, tell them the devil made you do it.

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