Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Easihair is manufactured by Jon Renau, one of the most respected names in the hair products industry. The company's reputation exceeds the sphere of wigs alone and incorporates hair extensions, hair wraps, and ponytails as well. While many of Renau's customers do in fact seek out wigs for severe hair loss, others are looking simply for an added flourish on a special occasion or event.

Easihair is known as well for its outstanding selection of color as well as its custom work. Whether you need tips, highlights, or blends for your latest look, Jon Renau wigs can accommodate with close to 40 different styles. Enjoy the comfort of a cotton band while letting long braids fall from the back with the Diva model. Or opt for the velvet cover of Smitten, which boasts a contemporary "framed" look. There are enough styles to choose from that you're bound to find a good match.

Other Easihair Products

In addition to wigs, Jon Renau offers clip-on hairpieces and straight comb-clip attachments as well. The former is designed for ease of use--simply affix the clip to your current 'do for an added burst of color or length. The latter employs a set of flexi wires that wrap around your current hair for a snug and reliable addition that you can wear with confidence. Of course, both accessories depend on a plentiful batch of extant hair to begin with.

If you're starting from scratch, you're better off going for a full-size wig first. Once you find a comfortable fit you can worry about extensions and streaks, since it can often be tough to match products that aren't specifically designed to complement one another. With Easihair products, it's simple to make your otherwise normal hair look unforgettable, even if it's only for an evening.

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