Egyptian Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Egyptian costumes are a wonderful choice for Halloween. What woman doesn't want to try to out-Cleopatra Liz Taylor? And what man wouldn't like to be worshiped as King Tut? Other choices might include a charioteer, veil dancer or an Egyptian god or goddess.

Cleopatra costumes abound, given you a wide range of choices in terms of price and style. Purple, white and Nile green are the most common colors offered in the long robes of women's Egyptian costumes and the short togas for men. The same gown or toga, with the addition of a mask, could become Anubis, Ra, Isis or another Egyptian deity.

Egyptian Costumes: Accessories

The accessories are what really make Egyptian costumes work. For Cleopatra, the big gold neckpiece is a must, as are serpent armbands or gold cuffs. There are three basic choices to top it off: a serpent headband and long black wig, the tall jeweled headpiece, or the headpiece with chains and jewels that hang down over your hair. Men will need the same collar and cuffs, and the Sphinx-like headpiece of striped fabric.

Lace-up sandals are easy enough to come by, as are ankh necklaces and scarab bracelets. You can make your own charioteer whip with a dowel and some shoelaces. And most importantly, don't forget to walk like an Egyptian.

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