Eva Gabor Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Eva Gabor wigs are hailed for their state-of-the-art construction and lightweight design. The "personal fit cap" uses a stretchable band in place of the lace that lines most modern hairpieces, so you get a fit that's uniquely tailored to your head. You get a snugness that feels like a custom job, only without the price tag that typically comes with it.

Eva Gabor wigs come in modern cuts, bobs, layered curls, and a suite of other styles and looks. Of these, the Duet, with its sporty attitude and short cut, is arguably the most popular. Its light design and range of sizes make it one of the most sought-after hairpieces in the Gabor line.

More Choices Among Eva Gabor Wigs

Rivaling the Duet in the line of Eva Gabor wigs is its follow-up, the Duet II, which offers the same modern cut but in two different cap sizes--ultra-petite and petite average. Similar to the Duets but with more layering is the Gabor Precision, which prizes no-hassle convenience above all else. Like the Duet cuts, the Precision might be dubbed a "boy cut," but that is the hallmark of the Gabor line.

If you take a look at any photograph of Eva Gabor, this trend will immediately explicate itself. From Gigi and Green Acres to Petticoat Junction and Almost Heaven Gabor could be seen sporting her trademark bob, a style that's enjoyed somewhat of a modern-day renaissance. Today's variations come with unrestrained curls, windblown wisps, straight extended napes, and dozens of other permutations on the original design.

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