Fashion Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Fashion wigs are, regrettably, an oft-overlooked accessory. So much time goes into procuring the right shoes, the proper dress, and all the glittery, jangly jewelry that it's easy to forget that a new 'do is one of the simplest ways to transform a tired look. Maybe it's the stigma attached to wearing a wig. Or maybe it's just a fashion option that most folks have never considered.

Either way, fashion wigs can spruce up any ensemble, hide damaged hair, or help you achieve the character look you're seeking. For ballroom elegance, opt for a "faux fatale" style that takes your hair out of your face and off your back to help you show off your shoulders and neck. Or try the spiky playfulness of the "urban chic" model, which is perfect for a "street" look and a no-nonsense vibe.

Find Fashion Wigs on the Web

Hollywood is choc-full of custom wig shops and other accessory outlets. But if you're not lucky enough to live in the heart of the vanity capital of the world, you can still find the selection you're looking for in fashion wigs with a cursory internet search. What was once a niche industry has exploded into the mainstream thanks to the Web's global marketplace.

There are still plenty of wigs for sale that are exclusively designed for practical--as opposed to cosmetic--purposes. Hair-loss sufferers still turn to fashion wigs, and often as a first resort, when searching for a stylish coif, even though there are wig manufacturers who specialize in non-cosmetic coverings. Too often these look as though they were designed for non-cosmetic purposes, though, which is why they have so many detractors. Those customers naturally turn to fashion wigs to find a more organic and aesthetically pleasing hairpiece.

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