French Maid Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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French maid costumes are perennial favorites, and for good reason. Women like them because they make them feel pretty and sexy. And men like them because they make women look pretty and sexy.

Real French maids wore gray flannel dresses well below the knees, plain white cotton aprons, lisle hose, sturdy, sensible shoes and a white cotton mob cap. French maid costumes, on the other hand, look nothing like that. A short, ruffly skirt in black silk or satin is de rigeur. So are fishnet stockings and stiletto heels that no real maid would last a day in. As for the apron and that little cap, the lacier the better.

French Maid Costumes Are Easy to Find

You can pretty much count on any costume shop having at least one variety of this costume, and sometimes several. Most French maid costumes include the basic dress, apron and cap, and often a crinoline for the skirt. Many costume shops now carry fishnet hose, but if you can't find them there, try lingerie shops. Some years fishnets are in fashion in the mainstream, and then your job is even easier. As for those black stilettos, honey, if you don't have a pair, go shopping now!

The are only two problems with dressing as a French maid. The first is that the costume is so popular that it sells out early, so don't wait till October 29th to get it. The second problem is that your man might want you to wear it all the time. Those heels are hard on the feet, and the crinoline can be scratchy.

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