Hair Additions

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hair additions are the simplest way to inject a shot of life into your tired 'do. Hair additions generally require less effort than full-tilt wigs, though a convincing one must still match your natural hair in color and texture. The difference is, it's much easier to simply clip hair add-ons to your scalp than to go in and be fitted for a custom-made wig.

In recent years, hair additions have caught on to become one of the most popular style fads around. From Hollywood to Wall Street, starlets, executives, and house moms are opting for extensions as a no-fuss method of adding length, volume, and style to their existing hairdos. And additions don't come out and announce to the world, 'Hey, I'm wearing an add on!' To the contrary, their popularity hinges on their subtlety.

Types of Hair Additions

As with wigs, hair additions come in synthetic and natural materials. Human hair tends to cost significantly more, but the trade-off is a fair one. There's simply no arguing authenticity when it comes to a natural clip on or wig. At the same time, many synthetic weaves can be easier to manage and care for. And given their lower cost, many women turn to them for a better value.

Every major wig store offers such accessories. In addition, you can buy add-ons and clips from any designer with a substantial presence in the wig market. From Jon Renau and Revlon to Noriko and Raquel Welch, designers are flush with fantastic alternatives to the full or three-quarters wig. You simply shouldn't have to pay dearly for an added burst of volume or color.

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