Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Hairpieces is a designation that includes wigs, toupees, extensions, add ons, and other accessories. People frequently use the words hairpiece and wig interchangeably, even if that's not quite accurate. When shopping for the right hairpiece, a wig is only one possible option. It may be that another type of hairpiece suits your head, body, and face even better.

Hairpieces date back to antiquity, when cultures wore them to demarcate slaves from aristocrats. The style and fashion of one's hairpiece became an instant signifier of wealth, since only the very rich could afford to adorn their head with ornate pieces and furs. Nowadays, hairpieces are often the butt of tired sit-com and movie jokes. For that reason, there's still a stigma attached to wearing them, even though millions of people do just that.

Buying Hairpieces Today

If you want a hairpiece to cover a bald spot or replace your current 'do, a custom-made wig is probably your best bet. While these can get expensive, they are also the most convincing proxies for authentic hair, since they are typically crafted from same. A hand-stitched and hand-knotted human hair wig may set its buyer back a thousand dollars, but when you consider what people pay for fake breasts, noses, and other body parts, this is actually a trivial cost.

Fortunately, even if you can't afford to part with a thousand bucks, there are several other perfectly good options. A synthetic wig will afford the exact same level of coverage and, depending on the synthetic being used, may even prove easier to style than human hair. But these wigs can be itchy, hot, or ill-fitting. For those who don't need a new 'do from scratch, extensions, clip ons, and tips present an attractive and affordable alternative.

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