Harry Potter Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Harry Potter costumes have been high on Halloween wish lists for several years now, and with The Prisoner of Azkaban out, they'll be more in demand than ever. You can become Harry with an old academic robe, a Hogwarts insignia patch, round glasses and a drawn-on lightning bolt scar. Or you could browse the many Harry Potter costumes available on the Web.

There are school robes for Harry, Ron and Hermione, and Quidditch robes for Harry. The Quidditch robe, of course, must be accessorized at least by a broom, and perhaps Quidditch goggles as well. To become Ron, mess up your hair and apply red spray color. To be Malfoy, slick it back and spray it blond. Long curly wigs are available for Hermione costumes.

There are masks available for Dumbledore and Hagrid, but very few full adult-sized costumes. A woman can be Professor McGonagall with her hair in a tight bun, half-glasses, a robe and a pointy witch's hat. On the other hand, you can escort Potter-clad children with minimal effort: just go as a Muggle.

Accessories for Harry Potter Costumes

Striped scarves and neckties are available for all the houses of Hogwarts. Harry's glasses and his scar tattoo are available, as are Quiddich brooms. There is even one entire website dedicated just to wands!

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