Henry Margu Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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With over 40 different styles to choose from, Henry Margu wigs offer hair alternatives for anyone looking to restore their locks. There are contemporary looks like the Desiree or Bianca, which are shorter and more geometric. There are also longer, classic cuts such as the Serena or Marcy, both of which are perfect for "hair down" occasions.

Many of the Henry Margu wigs feature boy cut styles, which remain perennially hot sellers. Much like Eva Gabor wigs, these coifs are designed for independent women who won't conform to society's standards of beauty--especially when society dictates long hair. The bob or shag look is reminiscent of '20s-era flappers, a style that's enjoyed a revival in the past decade thanks to several big celebrities who've trotted out their new "shorn" looks.

The Diversity of Henry Margu Wigs

The selection of Margu hairpieces isn't relegated to style alone. There are also a dozen different colors (more, if you consider finer gradations) to help you match your hair with your eyes or your favorite-color apparel. Some of these colors are "earthier" browns and ambers, while others are strikingly blonde or bright red. Still others manage to combine hues for a more natural blended effect.

In addition to the wigs themselves, Margu also boasts a line of cosmetics and accessories. Choose from wig shampoo (that's right, wigs need to be cleaned), mousse, and conditioner, and don't forget to pick up a Margu brush as well. You can even purchase a foam "head" to help keep your wig intact. There's also a hoop of hair for sale for those occasions when you just don't want to don your wig and are content to have a few tufts poking out from beneath your cap.

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