Human Hair Wig

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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As you might suspect, the human hair wig is generally regarded as the most "natural" of the hair alternative options. This isn't to say that synthetic wigs are inferior--certainly they fill a major market need. But those who can afford a hand-stitched human hair wig tend to gravitate toward this option for its perceived legitimacy.

Not to delve too deeply into the psychology of hair loss and replacement options, but hair, like any object, is easily fetishized. At that point, the strands and tufts themselves begin to acquire worth in an individual's eyes. Of course, this is usually only the case after that individual has begun losing his or her hair. Naturally, it's foolish to attach feelings of self-worth to hair when there are so many other indices of merit and value. Yet being the vain, ego-driven creatures that we are, we continue to do this in spite of ourselves.

Shopping for the Human Hair Wig

For many, a human hair wig is the only acceptable way to re-instill this sense of worth. If you've set your mind on an authentic wig, you've only just begun the process. There are literally dozens of designers, many with celebrity names, each offering product lines of anywhere from a half dozen to 70 or 80 hairpieces. Some of these curl while others poof; some fall while others rise. And all of them do so in a rainbow of colors.

The best place to start is with style. Worry about color after you've pinpointed a make that both suits and flatters you. From there you can begin perusing swatches and color charts to find a match. And in the instance that you can't, it's always possible to have a special color ordered or custom-made for you.

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