Jon Renau Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Jon Renau wigs are just some of the many products offered by the designer. The ever-popular Easihair, which includes stylish hair wraps and ponytails, is also part of the Jon Renau brand, as are hair additions in the form of headbands and other accessories. For over 20 years Jon Renau has been regarded for its line of high-end hair alternative solutions.

The Impulsive, Diva, Luscious, and Atomic are just a few of the headband wigs Renau offers. Many customers prefer the ease of a headband wig as opposed to mesh or polyurethane, which can not only be itchy and uncomfortable but more expensive too. These headband wigs feature a plastic band that sits evenly at the front or crown of the head (depending on the style). The hair is then able to fall or lie naturally.

Shopping for Jon Renau Wigs

Before you go and plunk down hundreds of dollars on a brand new Jon Renau wig, consider s few other options. Can you achieve the look you're shooting for with a Renau Easihair scrunchie or clip on? If not, how about a three-quarters wig? There are Easihair straight combs, claw combs, and braided headbands, all of which are capable of adding a boost to your 'do at a far lesser cost.

If it's in fact Jon Renau wigs that you're after, you still have a host of options. From the more modern bobs and shags to more "celebrity" styles like the Gwen, Farrah or Hannah (Paltrow, Fawcett, and Daryl, respectively), there are dozens of styles, each one a perfect fit for somebody. Finding the best match can be a complicated game that depends on factors such as your age, body weight, and face, so it's important not to make an impulsive purchase without first considering these issues.

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