Little Red Riding Hood Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Little Red Riding Hood costumes are great favorites with little girls and big girls alike. All you really need is the red hooded cloak, but there are charming details available. The length of the cloak, and what goes under it, make a big difference, too.

Little Red Riding Hood Costumes for Girls and Women

Red gingham dresses with ruffled hems and eyelet aprons are adorable under Little Red's cloak. White tights and mary janes are the perfect accompaniments. And don't forget the basket for Grandmother, which would also make a good trick or treat bag.

As for those big girls, call her Little Hot Riding Hood. The gingham check and apron look is available, but the skirt isn't much longer than the one the four-year-old is wearing, and white thigh-high stocking and red stilettos are more appropriate accessories. Little Red Riding Hood costumes also come in faux leather, shiny vinyl and sheer chiffon ... though that last one may not be meant for Halloween parties!

The perfect companion for Little Red Riding Hood costumes is, of course, the Big Bad Wolf. You could buy a full-on wolf costume and dress it up with a mob cap and wire-rim spectacles, or you could slick your hair back and dress to the nines to be the two-legged variety. And if you really want to impress your friends and don't mind spending a wad on a costume, I've seen wolf costumes that come complete with Granny in the belly!

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