Lord Of The Rings Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Lord of the Rings costumes have been highly visible for the last few years, and this year will be no exception. With a wide range of characters, most of them non-human, the choices are great. You could have everyone at your party dressed in Lord of the Rings costumes and never have a duplication.

Lord of the Rings Costumes for Children and Adults

All characters are available in both child and adult sizes. The sole exception seems to be Aragorn. As the only human, he seems to be less interesting. Legolas is very high on the charts, followed by Frodo, Arwen, Gandalf, Gimli and Gollum. Orcs and ring wraiths are also popular.

Many Lord of the Rings costumes are highly dependent on accessories. You could put together a hobbit outfit from earth-toned pants, a vest and a loose white shirt, but you ain't a hobbit if you don't have hairy feet! A dark bathrobe would do for the base of a Gandalf costume, but you need the wizard's hat and especially, the long white hair and beard. Legolas needs a long blond wig, elf ears and a bow, Gimli needs his battle axe, and while you could be Arwen with just the white dress, elf ears, flowing tresses and the evenstar necklace are all available to help make your look authentic.

Orcs need just rags and a mask, and you can even do without the mask for ring wraiths if you cover your face with a piece of sheer black fabric. Gollum seems the most demanding of all the Lord of the Rings costumes. The mask is widely available, but just the mask seems to me a half-hearted attempt. My advice is, don't even try Gollum unless you're willing to wear nothing but a greenish-gray leotard, slither around the room and talk to yourself all night!

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