Marilyn Monroe Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Marilyn Monroe is one of the great icons of American pop culture, and Marilyn Monroe costumes maintain their popularity decade after decade. Though we've seen Marilyn in outfits as widely varied as her Norma Jean dungarees and checkered blouse to the transparent glitter dress she wore in Some Like It Hot, Marilyn Monroe costumes universally represent one very specific dress.

Marilyn Monroe Costumes: There's Really Only One

The white halter-top dress with the billowing pleated skirt Marilyn wore in The Seven-Year Itch is the sine qua non of Marilyn. That, a blonde wig and red lipstick are really all you need. Well, and maybe a push-up bra to fill out that halter top! Unless you're a guy, of course, in which case you'll need some falsies and maybe a Marilyn mask.

James Dean and Elvis Presley make great companion outfits for Marilyn Monroe costumes. Or your date could wear a baseball uniform and go as Joe DiMaggio, or horn-rimmed glasses and a sober suit to be Arthur Miller. Just be sure he won't mind the admiring glances you get.

If he's really a sport, you can take along a battery-powered fan to recreate the famous updraft! Just remember to wear--ahem-- an appropriate undergarment. Oh, and don't worry if you aren't so slender. Marilyn herself wore a size 14.

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