Medieval Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Rogue or nobleman, lady or wench, jester or executioner, whatever you fancy, you can find medieval costumes to take you into that faraway world. The days of knights and their fair maidens appeal to the romantics among us. The menace of dark-cloaked wizards and Black Queens appeals to those with Gothic sensibilities. And if your man resists the idea of dressing up, put him in a leather jerkin, call him a tavern lout, and let him drink beer.

Medieval Costumes for Men and Women

Another simple period costume for men is a monk's robe. The black hood of the executioner appeals to a lot of men, especially if he's got great biceps to show off and enjoys carrying an axe. If he's willing to put forth a little more effort, he can be a knight, a king, a wizard or a jester.

Medieval costumes for women are almost universally flattering. A long, flowing gown with a high waistline is the place to start. Color, fabric and accessories do the rest. Richly colored velvet makes you a queen. Pastels and frills make you a maiden. Black makes you a sorceress, and earth tones make you a peasant wench.

Accessories add a lot to medieval costumes. A knight (or an evildoer) needs weapons, such as swords, morning stars, and battle axes. Helmets, gauntlets and boots perfect the look. The royals need crowns and scepters, and elegant ladies need pointy hats, wimples or veils. A wig of flowing tresses or peasant braids makes your transformation complete.

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