Mermaid Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Ever since Ariel, mermaid costumes have been highly sought-after Halloween costumes for girls. And with their seashell bras, long flowing hair and glittery sequined dresses, they're highly flattering for women, too. Finned, fun and flirty, mermaid costumes are easily available on the Web.

Ariel is a licensed character, so most mermaid costumes, especially for girls, follow that Disney standard, with a blue bra top and green skirt and tail. Ariel didn't wear anything in between, so most costumes fill in with a flesh-colored body suit. A seashell tiara and red wig make the outfit even more authentic.

Mermaid Costumes for Women

Mermaid costumes for adults have more leeway. Though watery shades of blue and green still dominate, metallic gold and especially silver are also popular, and purple, red and other vibrant colors can be found. (Avoid the orange one, though. It makes you look like a goldfish.) A long, flowing wig is a necessity, and seashell hair accessories add a nice touch.

The element that really makes a mermaid outfit work is the tail. Some mermaid costumes simply rely on a tight skirt that flares at the bottom, ending at the ankle. More authentic looks include tails that drag behind, and one rather spectacular fantail that you carry by a loop on your wrist. And yes, you can walk in a mermaid costume, but slowly. That may be a drawback for a child running from door to door trick-or-treating, but it only adds to the allure for adults.

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