Motown Tress Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Motown Tress wigs are made specifically for women of color. While plenty of stores offer African American wigs, there are few shops that deal exclusively in this product, probably for fear that targeting a specific demographic would be construed as discriminatory. But why should it be? After all, there are movies, clothing lines, and food and drink products marketed directly to black audiences. Why should wigs be any different?

Very simply put, black hair is not the same as white hair. Cutting it, styling it, and managing it requires not only a knowledge of the latest fashions and styles, but wholly separate skill sets as well. Well, makers of African American wigs must play by those same rules.

Unique Features of Motown Tress Wigs

Motown Tress wigs are widely credited as the first to use honeycomb and "ultra comfort" cap designs. Both of these styles present easily manageable and lightweight comfort. Additionally, Motown Tress helped launch the "altcurl" weft, which--as the name implies--alternates the pattern of curls sewn in to provide a more authentic look.

Like Beverly Johnson wigs, the Motown Tress line has shot to fame by specializing in a specific product. Nevertheless, shoppers will find a complete line of cuts, materials, and colors, all of which carry the same quality guarantee. When it comes to fashioning a natural, striking hairstyle, it's just not worth compromising on quality.

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