Nurse Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Little girls used to occasionally wear nurse costumes when they went out trick-or-treating, but they were never one of the most popular outfits. They still aren't, and in fact, they are difficult to find in children's sizes. But when it comes to adult women, naughty nurses rule!

And nurse costumes are pretty much always naughty. Why is that? I think there's something about the juxtaposition of crisp, white, starched efficiency--not to mention authority--that we just love to see subverted by short skirts and frilly garters. Besides, the hats are just too cute!

Nurse costumes are widely available on the Web, in a variety of styles. Short skirts, hose and garters are de rigeur, or course, as are stiletto heels. Some nurse outfits come in vinyl or rubber for an extra kinky kick. A big-hair wig would look great with the nurse's cap, and don't forget the accessories such as rubber gloves and an oversized hypodermic! That ought to raise a few male temperatures to fever levels.

Nurse Costumes for Playing Doctor

In fact, it may be worth investing a bit more in your nursie-poo outfit that you normally would for a Halloween costume. You might find that your man would enjoy frequent encores. And we all know how good nurses are at giving tender, loving care.

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