Pet Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Dressing up dogs and, if you're really brave, cats in pet costumes has one major drawback: your pets are very likely to upstage you. Who can resist a cocker spaniel dressed as Snow White or a basset hound wearing a serape and sombrero? And why stop with dogs or the occasional patient cat? Put a pirate's bandanna on your parrot, or a sailor hat on your iguana. Be advised that it's hard to keep a costume on a snake.

Pet costumes come in several styles. Some are basically jackets and headpieces, such as vest and cowboy hat or cape and witch's hat. There's a harem outfit for your sultry schnauzer that consists of a pink chiffon skirt, bra, and veil. Some have four legs, and your dog wears the outfit as you would. Clown costumes, prison togs, and fireman uniforms are good examples of this type.

The funniest--and sometimes most disconcerting--pet costumes are those that consist of a mannequin that hangs down over your dogs chest and legs, with his or her face showing over a complete "body." A full-length bride, demurely holding a bouquet, might be topped with a bulldog's face and veil.

Pet Costumes: Not Just for Halloween

Take your best buddy with you to your bachelor party, wearing his formal bow tie and white cuffs, of course. Put a silly birthday hat on your mutt when celebrating his, yours or anybody's birthday. Bride and groom outfits are widely available in several styles. Whatever the festivity, let your constant companion in on the fun.

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