Pirate Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Pirate costumes have long been a mainstay for kids and adults alike. But costumes are strongly influenced by the current pop culture, so after the wild success of Pirates of the Caribbean, pirate costumes are going to be more widely seen than ever. They're easy to put together yourself, and can be as simple as an eye patch and bandanna or a full-on Captain Jack.

Pirate costumes for kids are easy to create, and are among the few generic costumes that kids will really accept. I think it's because they like the swords. A bandanna and a sideways hat will get you started. Then raid Mom's closet for a full-sleeved blouse, one hoop earring, and high boots. Add a cutlass, and your little buccaneer is ready to go.

Pirate Costumes: It's All in the Accessories

If you want to spend the money, you can come up with a seafarer's frock coat with deep cuffs and shiny buttons, but pirate costumes aren't really about the clothes themselves. Even the hat isn't really essential. But there are great accessories to be had in costume shops, and some that you can scare up around the house. A costume shop may yield you the Captain's hook, for instance, if you're doing the Peter Pan variety. Or if you're more into Long John Silver, attach a stuffed parrot to your shoulder.

One of the great appeals of wearing a costume is the chance to be someone else for a while. A real pirate these days is generally just a thuggish drug runner, but an old-fashioned pirate costume can transform you into a rogue, a daring sea wolf, a figure of romance and adventure. And don't forget the short-skirted, cleavage-displaying pirate wench for the ladies!

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