Princess Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Let's be honest, here: we're all princesses at heart, no matter how old we are. That's why princess costumes never lose their appeal. There are princess buntings for infants, and glorious gowns for the plus-size woman. There are even some men willing to go for a princess look. My husband and I went to a couples party as the Princess and the Frog ... and I was the frog.

All you really need for a princess costume is a pretty dress and a tiara, unless you want to be a specific kind of princess. The conical hat with a veil is good for a fairy-tale princess look. You could be a Goth princess in black and studs, the Ugly Princess with fake teeth and a big nose, or the Princess Bride.

Disney Princess Costumes

Of course, the most recognizable of all princesses are the Disney princesses. You can get authentic princess costumes for licensed characters such as Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Snow White, and Jasmine, all in sizes for both children and adults. You can also stretch the concept to include Arial, who was, after all, a king's daughter. There's even a Snow White costume for dogs!

Accessories help create the most authentic princess costumes. At the Disney site, you can get wigs for the classic Snow White and Cinderella hairdos. Long white gloves are available in child sizes to add elegance. Finally, there are delicate jelly shoes to match each costume. Even the most ardent little tomboy might enjoy being a princess for a night.

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