Rene Of Paris Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Rene of Paris wigs are known for their first-rate microfilament construction. The manufacturer's Amore series offers two separate layers of the extra-fine material to make them more comfortable than standard hairpieces. For over 30 years Rene of Paris has been helping the hair-deficient reclaim their pride and confidence through quality wigs.

The two-layer construction isn't just for added comfort, though. That second layer of netting also makes for a more durable design, which is yet another reason for confidence. Whether you're driving with the top down, hanging out at the beach, or even shooting hoops, you can rest assured that your hair is staying where it belongs.

Get Great Looks from Your Rene of Paris Wigs

In addition to the machine-wefted sturdiness of Rene of Paris wigs, tape tabs at the front and sides make every model in the line easily adjustable. When you're aiming for great looks, the last thing you want to be doing is futzing with the elasticity of your wig's inner band. Rene of Paris wigs free you up to worry about other elements of your ensemble like your shoes or your makeup and let you forget about your hair.

Whether you go for the Shelby, with its soft shoulder-length curls, the feathery Marie, the soft-bodied Abbey, or any other style, you'll get stylish looks at a reasonable price. Some handcrafted wigs can cost upwards of 1000 dollars after labor and materials have been totaled up. But most Rene of Paris hairpieces retail for a fraction of that price and are even cheaper if you find a wholesaler online.

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