Revlon Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Revlon wigs continue to be a top seller, largely because of the clout behind the Revlon name. In 1932, Revlon was founded by the Revson brothers--that's correct, Revson, with an 's'--as well as the chemist Charles Lachman, who donated the 'l' to the brand name. Since then, Revlon has remained an industry leader in the world of cosmetics and personal care products.

As you might imagine, then, Revlon wigs are held to a similar standard of quality. The company's products are sold in over 175 countries, which doesn't leave much vacant room on the map. When Revlon first began covering that map, it did so with a single product--nail enamel--that revolutionized the ladies' cosmetics market thanks to new pigments that replaced the hitherto popular dyes. Since then, wigs are one of many products the company has incorporated into its impressive roster.

The Beauty of Revlon Wigs

If there's one thing the Revlon collection screams, it's attitude. In fact, there's even a model by that very name that offers a glamorous cut with wispy bangs and shoulder-blade length. Color-matching your Attitude is no problem since the style comes in more than 30 different shades.

Like other TressAllure wigs, the Revlon collection features Ready-to-Wear hair, which easily eclipses full or even three-quarters wigs when it comes to simplicity. With Ready-to-Wear hair, you need only clip your extension or bun to the area on your head from which you'd like your new hair to descend (or poof, as the case may be). And it's easy to carry these accessories with you in your car or bag in case you need a sudden style infusion.

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