Santa Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Santa costumes will pay for themselves many times over if you have little children in your household, or big kids in your office. Club and charity events, skits and other entertainments are also occasions when Santa costumes are called for. Whether there is one designated Santa who plays the role every year or the costume is passed from hand to hand, get the best you can afford, because it will get a whole lot of use.

Santa Costumes Vary Only in Details

You're not going to have much choice of colors or styles when it comes to Santa costumes, nor would you want to. You'll need red pants, a red coat trimmed in white fur, a big black belt, a beard and the hat that has no other name but "Santa hat." You aren't going to find it in green, nor with black fur trim. Get real!

Where Santa costumes vary widely is in accessories and quality. You won't be very convincing in the best of Santa suits if you're wearing Nikes on your feet. Black work boots will do, or perhaps you'll want to go for it with the boots that fold down on top. You might add wire-rimmed glasses for character, too. Most importantly, get the best quality beard you can afford. It makes all the difference.

Don't forget Mrs. Claus, with her gray bun and apron. There are sexy Santas in short skirts and thigh-high boots, elves of all descriptions, even Santa outfits for the family dog. Christmas only comes once a year, so greet it in style.

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