Sexy Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Halloween is a time to lose your inhibitions, and the plethora of sexy costumes
available shows that whole lot of women are losing them with a vengeance. You can make pretty much any costume into a sexy costume by shortening the skirt, changing the fabric and/or adding the right accessories. Take your basic nurse's uniform, for example. Cut the skirt off at fingertip length, make it out of vinyl, and add spike heels and fishnets, and you've got Naughty Nurse Nancy. Fairy tale characters such as Alice in Wonderland, Snow White or Little Red Riding Hood can benefit from the same treatment. And don't forget the sexy waitress, secretary (with bun and glasses and tweed miniskirt) or policewoman.

Sexy Costumes for the Fetishist

There's something about the basic schoolgirl outfit of plaid skirt, white shirt and knee socks that's sexy even when it's not trying to be. Shorten that skirt, change the knee socks for thigh-highs and the saddle shoes for stilettos, and wow! Watch the boys flock around.

The strict schoolmarm has her own appeal, as do her more overt disciplinarian companions. Black leather, whips and chains and collars make their appearance as part of sexy costumes more and more each year. If you like the dominatrix look but want to be discreet, you can always add a mask and say you're Catwoman.

There are sexy costumes for men, too. An Aladdin costume with its little vest will show off great pecs and biceps, and a barbarian with bare chest, ragged furs and leather straps will always catch my attention. And don't forget that for women, romance is also sexy. James Bond in a tux, a dashing pirate or Renaissance nobleman are all good options. Just ask your lady what she would find sexy, and be prepared to skip the Fartman costume this year.

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