Spiderman Costumes

Written by Sarah Provost
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Spiderman costumes have been a Halloween standard for a long time, but for the last few years, they've been huge. This year's sequel to the hit movie makes it certain that Spidey will be slinging his webs all over this October 31st. There are Spiderman-themed costumes for kids and adults, men and women ... and even a Spidey dog!

There are two basic styles in Spiderman costumes, the comic book Spidey and the movie Spidey. Though they may look pretty similar, any eight-year-old can point out the many subtle differences, such as raised webbing and a more stylized logo in the movie version. Both styles are available in children's and adults' sizes. Be sure to check whether your costume includes accessories such as gloves and booties.

Spiderman Costumes: Don't Forget the Villains

Peter Parker isn't the only one who's undergone a metamorphosis. The Green Goblin has a non-green identity, and Doc Ock is the victim of an experiment gone tragically awry. Then there's Venom, a nasty piece of work if I ever saw one! One of Spiderman's nemeses would be a good choice for a companion costume.

While most Spiderman costumes are understandably for boys and men, there are a few choices for girls and women as well. Spidergirl and Web Mistress costumes are available at several online stores. Or you could always just wear a blond wig and go as Kirsten Dunst!

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