Star Wars Costume

Written by Sarah Provost
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There is probably more sheer variety in Star Wars costumes than in any other category. With five movies out, covering two generations, endless galaxies and a cast of thousands (millions, if you count the clones), you could probably dress in a Star Wars costume every Halloween for the rest of your life and not repeat yourself.

Classic Star Wars Costumes

Unfortunately, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are the least colorful characters, visually at least, in the Star Wars canon. For Princess Leia, all you need is a long white dress with flowing sleeves and braids coiled up to the size of cinnamon buns. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi Wan Kenobi wear plain brown robes. But once you get past these basic characters, look out! Just about every other character represented in Star Wars costumes is wild and instantly recognizable.

Probably most popular are Yoda and the Darths, Vader and Maul. All you really need for these costumes are the masks. C-3PO glitters nicely, and R2-D2 is a great costume for the shorter reveler. While Princess Leia might not be very fashion forward, if you go as Princess Amidala, all bets are off. Let your imagination run wild for her costumes and makeup. And you could go as Jar Jar Binks if you can stand the scorn. There are also the generic storm troopers and Jedi Knights, the old standby of Star Wars costumes.

Then there are the hordes of characters whom you might not recognize by name, but you'll know them when you see them: Saesee Tiim, Geonasian guard, Admiral Ackbar, Watto, Plo Koon Sebulba and Kit Fisto. Again, full-head masks are all you really need. Of course, if you just want to sit around all night and be brought drinks and munchies and captive maidens, you can always go as Jabba the Hutt.

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