Tressallure Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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TressAllure wigs are but a small portion of the overall TressAllure brand, which also includes Revlon, Headz Up, and Adolfo wigs as well. Since 1963, when TressAllure was still known as General Wig Manufacturers, the company's mission has been one of innovation. Not content with a mere line of wigs, TressAllure began fashioning its proprietary Ready-to-Wear hair, as well as add-ons, extensions, and other enhancers.

Nowadays, TressAllure is the 400-pound gorilla of women's alternative hair products. You can hardly walk into a leading salon or outlet without finding an entire section dedicated to products and brands in the TressAllure line. Of these, Revlon is arguably the best known, but more for its other beauty and fashion products than its wigs.

The Diversity of TressAllure Wigs

The Revlon line is loaded with premium models that are indistinguishable from natural hair. The Aries offers the messy contemporary look so readily found in popular sit-coms and movies. The Dimension, meanwhile, gives its wearer a bit more of a frame, thanks to its natural-looking bangs and shoulder-length fall.

But there are just as many fine TressAllure wigs in the Headz Up and Adolfo lines. Headz Up is a particularly solid choice when it comes to accessories such as bands, braids, and clip-on layers--all of which offer instant attitude at a low price. The Adolfo collection, on the other hand, boasts classy elegance in cuts such as its Cinnamon, Firelight, and Glory, which are great accents for any dressy engagement.

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