Wig Accessories

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Sometimes it seems there are just as many wig accessories as there are actual wigs. The beauty and cosmetics industry is rife with applications, gels, powders, packets, and a wealth of other extras. And since wigs are a staple of that industry, they are far from immune to their own specialty products.

For starters, there are the much-maligned (but necessary) adhesives. There is arguably more griping and groaning about applying glues and other fixatives than anything else, but when you consider the role that these products play, an ounce of irritation can equal a pound of assurance. So choose wisely when surveying the smorgasbord of spirit gums, dab-on adhesives, brush-on glues, and solvents.

Other Wig Accessories

If you think finding the right glue is a struggle, just wait until it's time to match your eyelashes to your new 'do. There are latex-based adhesives for lashes, strip glues, and surgical-grade fasteners as well. Add to that untanglers, chromatome sprays, travel kits, and a hundred other extras, and you can see why cosmetics is a multibillion-dollar industry.

If you're planning on plunking down several hundred dollars for a new human hair wig, it's worth paying a few dollars more for all the peripherals. Good shampoos and cleaners are indispensable in maintaining your wig. After all, you've spent this much money to buy a convincing piece. So why wouldn't you take the time to properly care for it by investing in a few choice wig accessories?

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