Zury Wigs

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Zury wigs incorporate more than just hair replacement products. The Zury line also includes novelty wigs for those occasions when your costume just won't shine without a striking new 'do. It's far easier to don a funky new shag or a spiked coif than to undergo actual changes to your scalp--which some folks nonetheless insist on doing.

In addition to the novelty wig, Zury offers finely crafted hairpieces in short, medium, and longer lengths. The Kindle is one of Zury's most popular short styles, with wispy bangs and a naturally tapered nape. For more full-bodied styles, the Prime is a great combination of a standard perm and an extended bob.

Longer Zury Wigs

If you're attending a soiree or dance and would prefer a long, feminine style to complement your evening gown, the Journey is an outstanding choice. Think of your typical shag cut, then lower it further down, past the neckline to the shoulders. The Journey also features detailed texturing for an all-around convincing and comfortable style.

Zury wigs, like most other womens wigs, come in every conceivable color. Even if you know your own tastes to a tee, it's often better to let a professional at a wig store color-match your wig for you. He or she can also help furnish you with the best maintenance products and accessories to go with your Zury wig.

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