Ballet Slippers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Ballet slippers are the required footwear for ballerinas. If ballerinas are not wearing slippers, they are most likely wearing pointe shoes instead. Many other types of shoes are available for dancing, but slippers are definitely important for maintaining the integrity of the ballet art form in performance.

Choosing Ballet Slippers

Ballet slippers can be purchased from dance wear stores or online. You may need to try on different shoes in a store before deciding on an appropriate size and style. After you have determined the type of ballet shoe you would like to own, you can purchase them in a store, or you can look for better prices online. Many companies offer discounts on ballet shoes when you order them from their websites.

When trying on ballet shoes, dancers should make sure to wear tights and to move around in the shoes. After shoes have been placed on feet, dancers should stand up and look at the fit of the shoes. If toes are curling under, the shoes are too small. However, there should be no extra space at the end of the toes either. Ballet shoes tend to stretch slightly with use, so dancers should keep this in mind when purchasing shoes.

Ballet slippers should be tried on both feet before making a decision on the proper size of shoes to purchase. Some dancers have one foot that is larger than the other foot. In this case, dancers may want to purchase shoes that are a half size larger so that one foot is not uncomfortable. Certain brands of slippers may also be more comfortable than others for certain types of feet. Capezio, Sansha, and Bloch are three brands that are well-known for making comfortable, yet supportive slippers for ballet dancers.

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