Body Wrappers

Written by Jill Morrison
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Body Wrappers is a company that makes dance apparel for dance students, professional dancers, dance teams, and for general athletes. The company was created by Marie West in 2001. Her first fashion design was called "Le Wrap" and it was a one-size-fits-all, one-piece leisure garment. Today, the company is run in New York by over 100 employees and offers a variety of active wear and dance wear designs.

Body Wrappers Styles

Body Wrappers carries dance wear items such as leotards, dance pants, crop pants, skirts, tights, shorts, briefs, underwraps, legwarmers, cover-ups, and knitwear. The company also makes a variety of clothing items for liturgical dance, team dance, gymnastics, and ice skating. For general aerobic or athletic activities, a collection of active wear can be purchased. Active wear options include cotton/Lycra short pants, crop pants, sport bras, and tops.

The company also makes a variety of costumes for dance competitions and recitals. All of the costumes are separated into categories according to style and materials used. These categories are Fireworks, Puttin' on the Glitz, Gold Diggers, Gotta Dance, Fire and Ice, Star Power, and All that Glitters. You can view dance costume options online or in the company costume and dance wear catalogs.

In addition to providing a high quality line of dance wear, Body Wrappers provides dancers with a large collection of accessories. Customers can purchase belts, jewelry, shoes, bandanas, hats, and leg warmers to complement any dance outfit. Dancers can also purchase different sizes of dance bags, travel bags, mesh bags, cosmetic bags, book covers, wallets, CD cases, and umbrellas to show how much they appreciate the art form of dance.

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