Children's Dance Shoes

Written by Jill Morrison
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Children's dance shoes can be found at the same dance wear stores that provide adult dance shoes. These stores will often provide a variety of dance attire and accessory options for children as well. Since dance wear stores are not located on every corner, shopping online is often the best option for parents of young dancers. Purchasing dance shoes online is an easy process if you already know the dance shoe size you are looking for.

If your child has not previously tried on dance shoes, you can use comparison charts online to determine the correct dance shoe size. The sizes for some brands of dance shoes will differ dramatically from street shoe sizes. In some cases, you will have to wait for shoes to arrive by mail to try them on. If they are the wrong size, you can usually send them back for a larger or smaller pair of dance shoes.

Comparing Children's Dance Shoes to Adult Dance Shoes

Children's dance shoes serve the same purpose as adult dance shoes. They are used as tools for specific styles of dance. Dance shoes are available for dance styles such as ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical jazz, character, and even hip hop. Most children's shoes are available in the same colors as adult shoes as well.

The main difference between children's and adult dance shoes is the style. It is true that both children and adults have access to shoes that are appropriate for each style of dance. However, children's styles are usually more supportive and covering of the foot. Children's dance shoes also have lower heels than adult styles. Children's character or tap shoes will typically only have a half inch heel, while adult shoes have heels anywhere between one and three inches tall.

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