Dance Accessories

Written by Jill Morrison
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A gigantic selection of dance accessories is available for all styles of dance. Some accessories are designed to aid in dance performance, while others are simply informational or are purchased as collector's items. Many dancers are proud to display their talents, so they will purchase dance-related accessories such as key chains, jewelry, posters, picture frames, mugs, or stationery that can be displayed easily.

Options of Dance Accessories

Some dance accessories are necessary purchased for certain styles of dance. For instance, ballerinas who perform on pointe will need to purchase accessories such as toe pads, tape, pointe shoe ribbon, shank tacks, hair nets, and hair pins. Tap dancers will need to purchase taps for their shoes and some may prefer to use tap ties on their shoes. Tap ties are elastic cords with a button closure and are primarily used for children's tap shoes.

Some dance accessories are useful for many different styles of dance and especially for jazz, tap, and ballet. Rosin is a handy material that dancers can use on their shoes when surfaces are too slippery for dancing. Rosin is typically available to purchase in jars with various sizes of rosin rocks and powder. Another great purchase for most types of dancers is a stitch kit. Stitch kits are useful for making repairs to shoes, dance wear, and costumes in emergency situations.

Foot rollers are another example of accessories that can be used by any type of dancer. Foot rollers relieve tension under the arches and in the toes, smooth knots, and help to relax tired, aching feet. Informational videos and books are an option for beginning dancers. With so many accessories to choose from, most dancers will also need a large dance bag to store all of their shoes, dance garments, and various accessories.

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