Dance Apparel

Written by Jill Morrison
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Proper dance apparel is important for dance classes, auditions, and performances. For the art form of dancing, spectators should be able to see the lines of dancers' bodies. This is the reason that most dance outfits are form-fitting and stretchy. Dance pants, tops, leotards, and tights that hug the body are common apparel items for dance.

Wearing baggy clothing can limit the beautiful lines and movement that can be seen in dancing. Baggy clothing also prevents instructors from recognizing alignment problems that can be fixed in class. Form-fitting dance apparel is often a requirement for dance auditions as well. It allows judges to completely see dance technique and how movement is performed by particular dancers. The only style of dance that encourages the wearing of baggy clothing is hip hop.

Choices of Dance Apparel

Leotards are the most commonly purchased dance apparel items. They can be worn for many different styles of dance, including ballet, jazz, lyrical jazz, tap, and modern dancing. Standard attire for ballet classes is a black leotard with pink tights. Therefore, most dance wear stores will carry a variety of styles of black leotards. Colorful leotards are more common for dance styles other than ballet.

Dance pants are tight and stretchy pants that are often made from Lycra, cotton, or a blend of materials. Dance pants can be found in capri lengths or may extend all the way to the ankle. Some styles are completely form-fitting down the leg, while others have a boot cut, so there is some space at the ankle. Dance pants are a popular item for tap and jazz classes or auditions.

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